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After folder "name" is imported, create a label in Opera named "name" and set it to "hide these messages from other views". Then, select all the. Learn more about eM Client from our verified reviews. The ability to quickly generate a task from an email or create a calendar event is also really. See how eM Client and Gmail stack up against each other by comparing features You can add accounts for the majority of e-mail providers, create contacts. WINSCP WHAT IS MY PUBLIC KEY

And, on top of that, everyone shared on the label has the option to override the name the owner chose with a name of their choice. In a word, Yes! So then on the next sync, Co Contacts will delightfully share that additional information about Joe Smith with other collaborators just as if Ali had hand-typed those changes to Joe Smith A by hand. Meanwhile, Joe Smith B will correctly be gone from everywhere.

If you want the label to disappear for collaborators as well, go to Co Contacts and Unshare All the shared label: the label disappears from every collaborator at the end of the next sync. If you accidentally do that, and realize you actually wanted to have the shared label disappear from the collaborators as well, recreate the label in Google Contacts without bothering to add the contacts , re-invite everyone, then Unshare All from within Co Contacts.

No: editing power includes removal power. If your changes were already synced to other people shared on that contact, then Co Contacts will simply undo the change during its next sync. On an Android device, go to the Contacts app sometimes called the People app : to add a label, choose the Create command from the context menu; to delete or change the name of a label, long-press then choose Delete or Edit Label commands.

Another legitimate reason for a difference is if there is a label that contains more than one contact with the exact same first and last name and information, in which Co Contacts will only share one of them with others. You can remove such duplicates by having the person whose contact count for the label is the largest use the Merge command in Google Contacts: that command will find the duplicates and offer to merge them.

Another legitimate reason for one collaborator of a label seeing a different number of contacts in a given label than another collaborator in a label is if one collaborator has Edit rights while the other is View Only.

When we deep resync, no data is lost and all shared labels are resynced with collaborators. At very longest, a deep resync will be completed within six hours and usually far more quickly and will not disrupt you or your colleagues in any way. Check that the collaborator is not an alias address for example, the address is president xyz. Instead, invite the obama xyz.

And they can also see if any users are oddly not syncing. What is the maximum number of minutes until which colleague should expect the sync to have happened? For a customer on the minute plan, syncs happen on average every 15 minutes, and at maximum twice that. For a customer on the minute plan, syncs happen on average every 60 minutes, and at maximum twice that. Create a Label called something like all mydomain. Then use Co Contacts to share your shared Google Contacts label with the address all mydomain.

Note that any users you may have suspended in G Suite are excluded from your all label. This conveniently allows you to make exceptions for a member of a shared label for example, if there was one member of a shared label that you wanted to be View Only while everyone else can Edit.

Also, if you experience any odd behaviour after turning off Apptivo, potentially due to hidden metadata wrongly left behind in your Google Contacts, please contact support CoContacts. Usually when the owner of a shared label invites someone to a Google Contacts Label, each collaborator gets an invitation via email that they must accept.

All G Suite domain administrators are automatically also Co Contacts admins for your domain. So anyone with administrator status on your G Suite domain can also sign in to the G Suite dashboard and administer Co Contacts. For example, if one administrator updates the credit card information in Co Contacts, all G Suite administrators that sign into Co Contacts will see that information on Administration tab in Co Contacts.

So, to change or add another administrator to Co Contacts, simply add or change the administrators in G Suite for the domain. However do not run Co Contacts at the same time as other syncing products, such as Shared Google Contacts or Apptivo, as their syncing capabilities can compete with each other in unpredictable ways.. Yes, and yes. Yes, with Outlook , , , , , or Even better, get the Gsyncit add-in for Outlook it allows you to sync specific Contact Labels i.

You can even use Outlook and Co Contacts at the same time. They can even use Outlook , , , , , or and Co Contacts at the same time. You can use the same technique to share your Google Contacts with your Microsoft Outlook. Use the Blackberry Internet Service to continuously sync your Blackberry contacts with a Google Contacts or Gmail account which is then synced with your collaborators via Co Contacts in the usual way.

Have them use the Blackberry Internet Service to continuously sync their Blackberry contacts with a Google Contacts account or Gmail account which is then synced with your contacts via Co Contacts in the usual way. You can use eM Client and Google Contacts at the same time. All default categories that ship with eM Client will result in a Google Contacts label being created of that name if one did not already exist in Google Contacts, as soon as in eM Client the first eM Client contact is added to that category.

If you create a new category in eM Client and assign a contact to it in eM Client, a new Google contact label gets automatically created in Google Contacts if a label of that name did not already exist. If you create a new contact label within Google Contacts and assign a contact to it in Google Contacts, a new category gets automatically created in eM Client with the same name if such a category did not already exist.

They can use eM Client and Google Contacts at the same time. Install the free Thunderbird extension called gContactsSync to your Thunderbird installation. This will continuously sync your Thunderbird contacts with your Google Contacts which are then synced via Co Contacts the usual way. You can even use Thunderbird and Google Contacts at the same time. Have them install the free Thunderbird extension called gContactsSync.

This will sync their Thunderbird contacts with their Google Contacts which are then synced via Co Contacts the usual way either one-way or both ways their choice. They can even use Thunderbird and Google Contacts at the same time. By choosing that option, all contacts in the shared label will find their way into your Outlook or iOS or Blackberry or Thunderbird or Zoiper contacts.

As well, all changes you make to the information about those contacts on those platforms will also be reflected within the contact details of the contacts in the shared label. So if you or a collaborator is shared on more than one label, and more than one of those labels contains the same contact, correctly only one copy of the contact appears in Outlook, iPhone, Blackberry, or Thunderbird.

Co Contacts is a great solution for people trying to migrate their contacts to a new Gmail account. This is especially useful for someone trying to migrate from Gmail to a G Suite address or vice versa. For other platforms, such as Windows, choose VOIP software which includes the option to sync or import your Google Contacts which, as always, will be synced via Co Contacts. Yes, you can pay for 12 months in advance, instead of monthly. The pricing is the same in total as paying monthly. So, for example, within a user tier, you can invite 9 people to share your labels.

In a G Suite environment, the total collaborators includes everyone who is either sharing or is shared on at least one shared label. As well, to make it easier for you to conveniently invite only a portion of your users, Co Contacts supports adding a Google Label as a user … so for example if you have first year teachers at a school and they are already in a Google Label called yearoneteachers hogwarts. We email an official invoice for each payment transaction, and you can also download and print past transactions anytime: go to the Billing History tab in the Administration tab of your Co Contacts dashboard, and follow the link on the transaction row of your choice.

All future invoices and billing-related notices will be sent to these email addresses until you choose otherwise. First of all, fear not: we will not modify any of your data nor your settings. The only disruption possibly is that syncing will stop happening.

Cancelling or closing your account is easy… email support cocontacts. The Google Contacts of you and your collaborators are not affected in any way: they are left in the state they were at the time when syncing stops. Also, future billings for paying customers stop, including deletion of any credit card information we have on file. Consider that if there is any chance you may wish to return later, you can instead inactivate all sharing of labels and all billing indefinitely without having to delete your Co Contacts setup: from your Co Contacts dashboard, choose the Administration tab, then click on the number of Current Active Users in the bottom row.

Contents Is CoContacts for me? What is CoContacts? Is CoContacts free? Is CoContacts relevant to me? Do I have to share all my contacts? What about starred contacts and Favorites? Can I share with both users of G Suite and those with an gmail. Can I share a contact using my Android device? Can we avoid that? Is CoContacts available in my language? Sharing with confidence: safety, reliability, security Q.

How safe is my data? If I screw up my contacts, can I restore from a back up? How secure is my data? Why should I trust you with my contacts? What happens to my contacts if I decide that CoContacts is not for me? Getting Started How to start sharing contacts … in 7 steps Q. How do I specify which contacts label to share and then share that label with others?

I just signed up. How do I change my password? Getting Started for collaborators Q. Does a collaborator ever have to sign in to the CoContacts site? Can a collaborator share labels too? Getting Started for G Suite domain admins Q. New to Google Contacts or Gmail Contacts? How can I easily clean up or merge any duplicates? Nitty Gritty Details Q. How many contacts can I have overall … and how many in any given shared label?

Does CoContacts share all the information in a contact or just part of it? Can I arrange for more than one person to be able to manage specific shared labels not just collaborate on them, but manage them? Can I change the owner of a shared label? How often are syncs done?

Can I manually force a faster sync of one of my shared labels? What if two people change the same contact at the same time? Does everyone who is shared on the label see it with the same name? What if my collaborator already has a contact in their contacts with the same name as a contact I am now sharing them on?

How is it possible that one of my collaborators sees more contacts in my shared label than I see in that label? How do I delete a label from CoContacts? Please clarify the Collaborator Deletion Policy feature? Very much cheaper than Outlook but looks and feels familiar so is easy to use. No particular issues. It's cheaper than Outlook but competes more with free clients so it would be nice of eM Client were cheaper than it is, but can't really complain as it doesn't cost much, is regularly updated and has given good, reliable service over many years.

Comments: It's super-easy to setup, works well and has a clean interface. The developers keep it updated. It's simple and the free version is good for our purposes. It is so much easier than having to log into MS Outlook everytime I want to check email. Between my wife and my self we have 4 online freemail Outlook accounts.

One of them is for our business which is the most important and highly used. We have a quick and easy view of all for accounts in on window. You can prioritize accounts since uou may want to be notified for some accounts over others when email arrives. Integration is solid with Outlook Live. Sometimes the program does not update right away when opening.

There are also time you have to click on the folder to see how many emails are in it. It should show this automatically without having to do anyhting. I'm not sure if this is how it operates for everyone or if it's my particular setup. I also wish they had more themes for the free version but this is hardly a big issue. Comments: A stop shop for your personal mail management.

Easy navigation, better features as compared to other mail clients, professional version available for business needs. Easy installation, easy sync with your mail providers such as Gmail, Yahoo etc. Light weight, has most required features for a basic user.

Good on user interface and user experience. Comments: Again, I like the concept and the thought behind the product but would consider it too unstable for business use. The good thing is that the repair process works, the bad is that you have to do it so often. For a product that has so many nice features for efficiency, to have the conversation thread backwards so that for each email you have to page down to find the last response is hard to understand why they did that.

They seem to be confused between a texting program that shows the most recent at the bottom but also opens at the bottom so the most recent is where it opens and an email client where the most recent is normally at the top so you see the response immediately. These items make this program an also run that I will be keeping an eye on because I really like the design and if they get them resolved then it will be one of my favorites. But still cannot be recommended at this time. The concept and design of the program is excellent.

At least in theory it is well thought out and has several useful features. I particularly like the ability to click on an email and see on the right side the contact information as well as every email to and from that person as well as every attachment sent and received.

This is a huge feature for me. The ability to quickly generate a task from an email or create a calendar event is also really nice. Unlike some other reviewers, I found the tech support to be reasonable. Then again, I am a computer expert and provide expert testimony on computer systems and software for court purposes and so had very few issues with setup. Although I like the design of the software, I could never recommend it for use in a business.

I view it more as a curiosity for personal use. The primary reason is that in the five weeks I have used the software there have been multiple instances of being unable to read email or the software attempted to display an attachment inline and so it just looked like garbage. Each time I contacted tech support and the fix was the same So, I used it five weeks and rebuilt or deleted and recreated email accounts seven times.

This is a big issue. Another problem is the very strange an unusual way they display an email conversation. I wrote to tech support about this and they indicated that it is the way it is supposed to work and the way that all email clients work. Uh, no. I have not seen any other email client that displays your email conversation starting with the oldest email and continuing down to the most recent.

I understand that is the way a conversation occurs and you can read it from the beginning to the end but in reality I do not know anyone who wants to open their email and page down multiple times to find the person's response. I want to see the response when I open the email. If I need to see the prior email they are responding to then I will scroll down and see that one. I love how fluid the UI is. It makes checking email and understanding it a breeze.

The built in calendar in the sidebar is a nice easy to use feature that makes looking at my day at a glance very easy. There is a limit of three email accounts for free, which then gets quite expensive. There should be a mid-tier plan. Comments: I used to spend too much time logging into different e-mail providers just to check e-mail messages and communicate with colleagues and clients. Now I only need to open my eM Client software and see all e-mail accounts in one integrated dashboard. There is no more hassle and productivity has increased manyfold during my use of this software.

I like its superb functionality and flexibility. You can add accounts for the majority of e-mail providers, create contacts and tasks, subscribe to internet calendars, use Google Hangouts directly from within the software without having to logging into your Gmail account, assign labels to e-mail threads with different colors. The greatest advantage is that you can purchase a lifetime license at a bargain and receive all future updates for free.

Comments: I had to uninstall eM Client and go back to Thunderbird which has a lot more functionality than eM, but I don't need all of that. But, the syncing errors and issues just drove me crazy. So, I'm back with Thunderbird for now. I may try them again in the near future to see if the kinks were worked out or if it just all of a sudden will sync right with my accounts, because they are worth a second look. If you are someone that needs a little more than just very basic functions, but don't want over kill and aren't a highly advanced email client user, then I will definitely consider eM Client.

You may not encounter the issues I did I loved the UI of the email client and that they allowed a few emails accounts in their free version. Using my email and login standard setup should have worked just fine, but i think that there were syncing or connection issues at the time I used it. Very good email client with a full set of features which are not found in other email programs. One time fee and do buy the lifetime upgrade option. Pricing can get high if you have multiple devices and above 50 devices you need to contact the sales team.

Comments: With emClient I can perform all the tasks of the company in one place, find contacts and manage emails with calendars at no cost. It integrates all the basic needs to configure email accounts, calendars and company contacts. Simple and fast. The backup system can get a bit tedious but it does the job. Importing from other solutions can be slow. Comments: perfect with one propblem, like above. Comments: eM Client has proved to be much more efficient by eliminating the chaos and stress of an unorganized email collection.

It is so much easier to manage emails when they look good! The clean and simple user interface makes it easier than ever to maintain an organized email system. When viewing an email, eM Client has a handy Contact Details sidebar with other emails between you and that contact allowing you to refer back to past conversations without flipping back and forth through the inbox and sent folders. It also has the ability to keep conversations stacked in the same list item similar to how text messages are organized on a smartphone.

This was a huge selling point for me as I often get lost easily between complicated email threads in other clients. Another huge bonus that makes eM Client a favorite of mine is the amount of options you have to play with. Some users might find this overwhelming or confusing but I'm a huge fan of the ability to change things like the theme, font, font size and spacing, which buttons to display, etc. Having transferred from Mozilla Thunderbird, there are still a few quirks like how it sorts Junk mail and the fact that I have two inherited junk folders and it's unclear which is being used for what.

There also doesn't seem to be an automatic junk filter like other clients have but, on the other hand, this means I never miss anything due to the client marking it as spam and never to be seen again. In the detailed email list view multiple columns , you have the ability to change which columns are visible and in which order, etc.

However, this only effects the current folder and all other folders have to be adjusted independently. It would be nice if similar folder types shared the same column views to be consistent across all folders. As far as sorting goes, you have the option to flag emails or apply a color-coded category. When a category is applied, you have the option to make the text of the email change to the color of the category but when the email is active or highlighted, the color changes to the default black making it impossible to know what category the email falls under while you are viewing it.

In my opinion, this almost defeats the purpose of categorizing email conversations since you are unable to search via category. Comments: My overall experience is very positive and I anticipate that I wil continue to use eM Client for the foreseeable future. The software is easy to install and generally easy to use. It has a few quirks, but once you get used to those, it is very good. The software has a habit of backing up, usually when I need to use it, which can be frustrating.

It also has a habit of creating an error when it closes, not only when it is closed because for example the laptop crashes, but also when it is closed down properly. This results in a need to check and validate the database. Whilst I have not yet lost any data, the checking is problematic if I am in a rush and for example only turned on the laptop to do a quick e-mail.

Hi David, Thank you for your review. Did you contact our support regarding the closing problems? Or you can contact me directly. Thank you, George. Comments: I've really enjoyed using eM Client for a number of years now. The application is very fast and updates quickly.

Updates to the client come through regularly which is reassuring. I'm currently using version 8. I've used eM Client for about 4 years using a free license which caters for a maximum of 2 email accounts. I recently upgraded to the Pro version with lifetime upgrades as I now use 4 email accounts.

It's very easy to setup and add email accounts as you'd expect. There are a lot of features available and far more than I require. I've found that the calendar integration with a gmail account has been seemless. In fact as soon as I add an event to the calendar via eM Client it almost instantaneously updates in gmail. You can access the user forum via their website and there's a lot of useful information available in case you get stuck with anything.

I recently set up a signature for my business email and it literally took a couple of minutes. Like any email client it does take a little while to tweak the settings to just how you like it. I'd certainly make use of the 30 day free trial so you can iron out any little niggles you may come across. Make use of the forums if you get stuck. Comments: I've used eM Client for the past few years and have been overall happy.

That said, there have been frustrating moments with support and I really hope they fix the current print glitch mentioned above. The main reason I use eM Client is the speed of the search. My job has me constantly searching a large database of emails and it's imperative that I find them quickly. When put side by side with Thunderbird, it absolutely dominates in search presentation and speed. The most recent update has made it so that when I print emails, another daily task, eM Client always opens the system print dialog box despite that box not being checked.

This takes a considerable amount of extra time with the number of emails I print. I opened a ticket but wasn't very happy with the reply which suggested that I move to a previous version which carried the risk of losing my fine tuned settings and more. In addition, for most users without search needs, I don't feel it's significantly better than Thunderbird so it may be hard to justify the cost.

Hi Derek, Thank you for your review. We are aware of the print issue and have resolved it internally so we'll release an update fixing the problem soon. Sorry for the inconvenience. Comments: I have found eM Client to be the perfect solution for my needs. I am able to access my saved messages and folders without having to pull them from the cloud. This is huge. Also I find the email interface to be much more user friendly than any of the cloud-based services. Finally, on the original setup, I migrated from Thunderbird and the entire experience was incredibly smooth and easy.

This was a big plus as I was getting started. This software allows me to manage 3 or more email identities from a single platform. It allows me to organize my saved messages for easy retrieval and long-term record-keeping. It allows me to search and quickly find past messages. When Windows reboots the system automatically following an update, if emClient is running, the software has been vulnerable to corruption, and the process of checking and rebuilding the database can be cumbersome.

This problem has improved over time, but the program remains vulnerable to sudden shut-downs. Comments: I'm very happy with emclient. It's the only desktop platform I found that made me change from browser mail platform to desktop platform again. It's the best email client I could find. It's clean, simple, easy to use, full of features included. Feels clean and smooth to use.

I can use many email accounts in the same platform as if they were just one. Nothing at all. I like all aspects of the browser, I can't tell of something I don't like by now. Maybe an option to send recurrent emails would be great, and even greater: an option to automate follow up emails until a reply is received.

Comments: Started using it a few years ago with the free version but loved it so much that I decided to buy the license. I recommend it to everyone over Outlook because it's much faster and easier to use. I love that this program is so user friendly. It's essentially the best desktop mail client I've ever used. Easy to navigate, easy to organise and super easy to personalise which is a great feature. That was actually one of my favourite features.

I use so many folders so that really helped me make the decision to switch from Outlook and when they took that away I considered going back. Comments: It fulfills my daily email needs for my business and personal correspondence. I have 4 regularly used email addresses through which I correspond. It was mostly familiar in design to what I previously used. I was used to a email client that allowed me to have a large, nested, easily accessible filing system for correspondence.

I get error messages at times regarding my movement of filed correspondence within the application. I don't know how to correct the problem. Thus, I receive repeated error messages. Also, when replacing my old tablet computer with a new one, the process for getting the "PRO" version on my new machine was not as clearly defined as I would have liked. I succeeded with Stepan Busek's help. Hi Ted, Thank you for your review.

Did you contact our support regarding the connection problems? Comments: Overall I have enjoyed my experience with eM Client much more than that with Outlook obviously and Thunderbird. I haven't had to recover an automatic backup but it's assuring to know I'll always have a backup ready when my computer inevitably dies. The simple and clean UI helps me focus on priority emails while staying organized and efficient. The Conversations feature really helps to keep interactions simple and straightforward.

The amount of options available is very refreshing, especially for someone as detail-oriented as I am. When emails are displayed by conversation, any email with the same subject gets lumped in making it appear as if those emails are part of the same interaction. This can get complicated fast when a colleague includes you in multiple emails to different people with the same subject line. However, once you get used to it, it's easy to ignore.

Comments: Happy or I wouldn't use it. User interface could use a buff. Vertical scroll bars are too thin and difficult to grab; their color contrast to surrounding elements is too low. Keyboard shortcut Ctrl-N for starting a new message should be available from the New Message window. Sometimes we think of another note we need to send while in the middle of composing another.

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By continuing to browse the website, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. More information. Update about the new version 7. After a holiday break, we're ready to share more details about new features for the new release. Are you a Gmail user? We have reworked the way eM Client synchronizes with Gmail and your server data.

Since Gmail introduced labels, all the labels were synchronised as folders with Gmail. With Conversations however we've decided to make a few adjustments. Your Gmail labels are now synchronised as categories and by assigning the categories, the label will be attached to the message and sorted to appropriate folder. Just as if you were working with your online Gmail interface.

I also discuss the limitations of the desktop software. Label colour information is not transferred from Gmail to any third-party email software. The only way to fix this in eM Client is by doing the following. Create your label in Gmail you probably already have this. Save changes and eM Client will link your new Tag with your Gmail label across all your messages. Apply that Tag to a message and it will correctly assign the label in Gmail too. Gmail Label Colours - eM Client.

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